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A student, library or staff card can buy snacks or drinks day or night.

  • Pay for vended items using a swipe or proximity card.
  • Removing the need for cash increases sales
  • Our software tracks and reports on every purchase for accurate commission invoicing
  • Provide hot or cold snacks and drinks 24 hours a day, and offer a convenient payment option
  • Reporting assists stock control, potentially eliminating stock outs and lost revenue.

Students and staff appreciate the convenience of using their card to buy snacks or drinks at any time.

By providing a card option, you can take cash out of vending, or you can simply offer the card as an payment as well as cash.

Removing cash increases the security of your vending machines. Our centralised on-line control also monitors breakdowns and alarms.

Our vending CAD can be used to add value to an account from coins or notes.



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