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School students pay for all expenses with a card, eliminating cash hassles for parents, administrators and teachers.



  • Parents give students access to funds for school only and check spending on-line
  • Free up office staff and teachers from collecting money
  • Capture all document costs and charge to department or project
  • Track student attendance and building or parking access
  • Cut paper and toner waste, saving money for teaching
  • Rationalise equipment by enabling staff or students to release their jobs at any printer with a card and/or PIN.

Schools can manage resources and raise revenue without adding to staff time and operating costs, by using ID card technology.

By linking a web-based account to a card or other identifier, students can pay for everything without cash - uniforms, stationery, printing, field trips and fees.

Staff member use their access cards to allocate costs to departmental budgets, giving the school the true cost of printing and copying.

Our cashfree system frees up staff from collecting money from students, reconciling, giving change and banking cheques.

Parents can track all school spending and meals

Parents appreciate the convenience of on-line management of all school expenses. They can restrict where money is spent by loading separate accounts for the canteen or stationery, check spending and set limits.

This detail, right down to individual lunch items and number of photocopies, is not available when students use debit cards.

With no funds stored on the actual card, and with a PIN, if the card is lost or stolen, its value is secure.

Schools can add modules to manage parking and building access, and monitor student attendance.  Other options include charging student accounts for laundry, vending, meals, library fees and more.  The school earns interest on the total credit in student accounts.