Close support

Bill all expenses automatically to client or matter codes, reducing staff's administrative burden.

  • Transparent and accurate billing for clients
  • Reduction of printer waste and overhead
  • All support costs allocated automatically to project, client or department codes
  • Seamless reporting in chosen format as integrates with practice management and accounting packages
  • Rationalise printers with secure print release so documents are released only after card or PIN authentication
  • Enforce rules around colour, duplex and large runs.

Practices may be counting copies for disbursements, but the real rise in document costs has been from printing  - from email or the internet.

Monitor's Supervisor software tracks a full range of document and office costs - scan, print, copy, fax, couriers and catering for accurate budgeting and resource deployment.

Our solution provides full on-line reporting according to staff member, client code, device or cost centre.  And we integrate easily with other packages to produce reports in your choice of format.

Capture office costs for disbursement

There's a module to capture phone call costs - which can represent the third largest area of office costs, after salaries and rent. Our telephone accounting sytem prompts staff to allocate call charges.

This data also reminds your staff when accounting for time, and can keep contact numbers and notes for future reference.

Our comprehensive expense management system also tracks internet usage according to website and user. Practices can now tackle employee time wasting, save company bandwidth and reduce exposure to malware.