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Automatically enforce print policies to save money and the environment.

  • Staff can have individual print quota or charge departmental quota.
  • Set rules around colour, duplex, job size and most efficient device.
  • Secure print release at group printers eliminates costly-to-run personal devices.
  • Pop-up list of codes on MFPs ensure accurate cost allocation
  • Charge for scan sent to an email address or a USB key.

The first step is to authenticate users at each device and require each print job to be charged to a staff or personal account.  Everyone is accountable for what they use, reducing misuse.

Our print software Supervisor Print then controls all printing and copying in an organisation, by enforcing print restrictions in real time, cutting waste and environmental impact.

The software can also offer secure print release, where users have to identify themselves at a print release station or the MFP, before a  job is printed.

The result - users can keep documents confidential, and they can bypass a busy or off-line printer, choosing a different device.

Secure print release overcomes the common arguments of staff members who request their own printer, allowing greater rationalisation of equipment.