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Charge purchases to any student, library, staff or casual user account, charged up on the iPOS touch screen till.

  • Charge ID or access card accounts for greater convenience
  • Offer other payment options using bank debit or credit cards
  • Full point of sale for campus or school - for cafeteria, book shops, uniforms or course materials
  • Patients can order and charge pay-TV, internet or snacks without cash
  • Fully featured cash registers in cafeteria can charge staff cards for lunches, deducting subsidies.

Our self-service miniPOS kiosks, eliminate staff time from taking and reconciling cash.  The miniPOS user can purchase from a menu of items on a PC touch screen at any time, using a student, library or hospital ID card.

The miniPOS emails the vendor notifying payment and the details of the order. Purchases are then collected or delivered.

And the touch screens can be easily changed for new items or service, such as a one off payment.

Behind the scenes, Supervisor Net can calculate complicated provincial and federal sales taxes.

Our point of sale systems are suitable across a number of stores and users, in both wholesale and retail settings.