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Charge for the amount of time a user accesses a computer or the internet.

  • Authenicate users before allowing them access to your technology
  • Can be added on at any time without losing your initial investment
  • Complements copy and print control applications
  • Options for tracking staff internet time and usage.

Access to computers and the internet are part of the standard demands of everyday life, whether it is on campus, within your organisation or in the community, such as the library.

Providing the latest PC technology for staff, students or the public represents a large financial investment. 

Calculate the real cost of PC usage   

You can choose to charge users for PC time or you can provide free access.

By requiring users to be authenicated, organisations can keep track of use or misuse. You can also tie PC access to payment of fines.

PC Time communicates on-line with our central software Supervisor Net to validate a user's details for access and an on-line account balance.

It then grants access and terminates the application when the time they have prepaid for has expired.

Pop-ups and countdown timers allow students to buy more time to continue their session, if they wish.