Close support

Library patrons and casuals pay for print, scan, copy or PC time, without librarian input.

  • Return your investment in months by cutting administration time and costs
  • Casual users buy low-cost tickets for charged services
  • Eliminate staff mediation in access to charged services
  • Increase revenue with greater collection of fees and fines
  • Save the environment by cutting toner, paper and power usage.

Monitor Library Solution Video

Monitor's software authenticates all users before they print, copy or scan or log-on to a PC. It checks the user has sufficient funds in an account linked to a library card or a paper ticket for payment.

By requiring a job to be released at the printer by a library card or ticket number, duplicates and waste is eliminated and documents kept secure.

Track real costs of services

Our Supervisor software manages users' accounts and monitors usage of multi function printers (MFPs), copiers and PCs. It allows patrons to pay fees or fines at 3M self-check kiosks.

Libraries can set pricing or quota knowing the real costs, applying differing rates for staff, library card holders, students or casual users.

Minimise u ser conflicts over PC access by providing self-service options. Patrons or casual users can reserve or pay blocks of computer time, paying with a card or low-cost paper ticket.

Easy re-load on the web, at a kiosk or touchscreen PC

Transferring funds onto secure library card accounts to pay for services is easy. Patrons can go on-line, or add value from coins, cash and bank cards at our reload kiosks.

And Monitor's library solution is both flexible and modular.  Libraries can offer card payment options for new services or products into the future, such as point of sale for old stock, library bags or gifts.