Close support

Student, library or staff cards supplied and individually coded.

  • For larger campus sites, we supply hardware and software to transfer student details and photos onto blank stock
  • Monitor can supply pre-branded cards, so larger sites use a cost-effective half ribbon to print on the identifying details
  • Smaller campus sites, libraries and schools can transfer file details to our bureau
  • Printing for proximity cards with embedded ICs
  • Proximity chips can be used in cards, keyring fobs or rubber wrist bands for contactless identification

The card or proximity IC is the central identifier on campuses, schools and in libraries. A school card is now a bus ticket, a library card can buy a coffee and a student card can be used to shop online.

Tied to a student account with funds, one card pays for campus purchases - lunch, books, course materials, fees and laundry.

The complete card package

We offer everything from card printing to readers to the software that tracks the identifier, charging services to funds in a student account, or a departmental budget.  We provide the end to end solution for card technology, with the integration of every part to form a complete solution.

And you don't have to deal with a number of providers. Monitor offers supply, card personalization and ongoing support for additional cards, either with a card printer or at our bureau.

This includes -

  • Magstripe encoding
  • Contactless, contact smart card chip personalising
  • Embossing
  • Signature panels
  • Thermal transfer
  • Photo ID