Close support

Save money and the environment by managing all print, scan and copy.

  • Reduce printer waste and overhead
  • Allocate all support costs automatically to department, project or client codes
  • Seamless reporting in chosen format as integrates with financial management and accounting packages
  • Rationalise printers with secure print release so documents are printed only after card or PIN authentication
  • Enforce rules - rerouting to more efficient printers and limiting colour or single-sided output.

Managing document output is a small investment that rewards with sizeable gains, often paying for itself within months.

Our transaction management system is the key to gaining insight into printing, scanning and copy, but also into phone call charges, internet usage, couriers and other office costs.

Staff use their access card or a PIN to allocate their activity, at the MFP, or through pop-ups on screen, ensuring accurate capture of costs to budgets.

Small scale or comprehensive - you choose

We offer a recovery system that answers a major cost problem, without adding a new one.

Our modular approach means that government departments or businesses can buy the functions they need - print, copy and scan, then add others later, such as building access and parking.

Monitor's software, terminals and card readers work with the standard (and some non-standard) print and telecommunication hardware, so offices can continue to use exisiting equipment and cards - proximity, magnetic stripe or barcode.