Close support

Users pay for vended items using a staff or student card, optimising machine use and returns.

  • Students, customers or staff can buy hot and cold beverages or snacks outside of business hours, without needing cash
  • Choice of cash or card payment
  • Support for single or multiple vending
  • Talks to our Supervisor Net software to ensure funds availability
  • Centralised reporting on item usage so vending machines are always fully stocked.

Optimise your vending by removing the need for cash.

Our Card Accepting Device allows users to pay for snacks and beveridges from their Supervisor Net account , using a swipe or proximity card.

The web based reporting provides full details of machine usage - including products dispenses, price paid, including discounts and time of transaction.

A service card swiped at the machine details transactions since the last time it was swiped, creating stock lists and eliminating stock outs.