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Supervisor Net can track and allocate any cost - from printing to phone calls - to departmental budgets or charge user accounts.

  • Reports in real-time on all activity from a range of devices or terminals, including printers, point of sale systems or PCs
  • Return your investment in months by reducing print waste and saving administration time
  • Change department and user accounts, cost codes, pricing at a  simple interface
  • Offers 24 hour access to account balances and continuous off-line service capability during network failures
  • Flexible fields to capture any type of transaction data
  • Offers multiple accounts (printing and cafeteria for instance) with optional spending limits, for each individual card or identifier
  • User cards can be locked if lost or stolen as no value is stored on the card.

Supervisor Net is our 'command central' software, the core of our modular transaction management system.  Its strength is its flexibility, demonstrated in the hundreds of organisations that have configured the software for their own diverse needs.

Additional features and modules can be purchased - print management, point of sale, vending or parking - without any loss of your initial investment.

Seamless transfer of data to other management systems

Supervisor Net runs silently behind your financial and other management systems, automatically capturing data when users swipe an ID, student or library card.

The software's reporting modules are able to transfer data seamlessly into these other systems, in easy to read formats.

Our software does it all

Supervisor Net can manage as few or many functions as your organisation needs. You can continue to add more on over time, optimising your initial investment.

It is central to managing -

  • print, copy, scan and fax
  • vending
  • point of sale
  • parking
  • laundry
  • building and door access
  • PC and internet access
  • ID card value loading
  • call charging
  • fines and fees
  • catering, couriers and postage.

Clients simply add on new services, and the software is easily customised to charge and report on these.

Supervisor Net is flexible and highly scalable - so can start small by tracking printing or copying.  It is, however, sophisticated enough to capture whatever activity or costs your organisation wants to manage.