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Add a MB20 terminal to our core software for easy point of sale.

  • Allows students or patrons to buy any item using their cards
  • Eliminates the cost of EFTPOS terminals and licenses
  • Charge monetary value to card for items not listed in Supervisor Net
  • Track purchases of actual items listed in Supervisor Net for full reporting
  • Staff can swipe cards for cafeteria purchases, or can charge budgets at a stationery shop.

Our core software Supervisor Net can be used as a versatile point of sale system, simply by adding our robust MB20 terminals to read campus, ID or library cards.

As the software tracks and charges almost any transaction, universities or schools load the barcodes or stock numbers of items for purchase.

When the item is bought, these details are captured and can be categorised as uniform or stationery purchases for instance.

You can also easily charge a card account for a monetary amount, even if the item is not listed in Supervisor Net. This is useful for one-off payments for trips or materials.

The MB20 checks there is available funds in the student's  account. Supervisor Net tracks the charge and updates the balance.