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Monitor’s suite of reporting tools provide users with a wide range of reporting options.

Supervisor Insight

Supervisor Insight is a web-based application that allows authorised users to run a wide range of reports from any location. Reports include:

  • By time of day, week, month, year, close-off range or user definable period
  • Spend by department or cost code
  • Spend by print device or a group of devices
  • Card account holders' usage
  • Transaction type - (printing, copying or scanning etc)
  • Autoloader cash and card status

Authorised staff can filter data by date range or close off period, and the report configuration can be saved for future use.

Supervisor Insight allows for the export of data into a number of formats including PDF, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

Supervisor Insight creates a 'close off' point in the database, which ensures accurate reporting. This eliminates overlaps and gaps in reporting transactions, which are common in date and time systems.

Favourite reports can be saved for regular use to remove the time wasted having to regenerate the same report each time it is required. Reports can also be customised to reflect the organisation's requirements. A list of customised reports will be displayed on the home screen for easy access.

Supervisor Export

Supervisor Export is a powerful utility for exporting Supervisor Net Database (User, department, terminal information) and transaction information into a variety of different file formats.

Supervisor Export allows organisations to create their own reports using an extremely powerful SQL query engine. Users can create their own templates specific to the requirements of the organisation and can easily modify them as their requirements change.

Supervisor Export can extract transaction information from the following areas of Supervisor Net providing organisations with a wide range of reporting possibilities.

  • Primary e.g Student names, staff names, ID numbers, employee ID's
  • Secondary e.g Departmental codes, cost centres
  • Auxiliary e.g Cost centres, clients codes
  • Pricing Model e.g How users will be charged for the terminal that is being used such as printing, vending, laundry etc
  • Permit e.g The Secondary codes such as departments or cost codes that primary users have access to
  • Terminal e.g the software terminals licenced to that site such as embedded licences, Print Release, Monitor Print etc
  • Terminal Setup e.g the setup's relating to the existing terminals licence's onsite such as POS setup, Print Setup, Embedded setups etc

Users that have created reports in Supervisor Export can set up a reoccurring email to be sent at a time that suits, whether it is daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.

If an organisation requires graphs to support their data, these can be created in Supervisor Export to corroborate with the information from Supervisor Net. There are a wide range of graphs available including bar, column, pie and line graphs. Details such as font, borders, fill colours, and styles.

Supervisor Insight and Supervisor Export are included free of charge with Supervisor Net.

For more information on Supervisor Export please refer to our Supervisor Net Reference Guide here

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