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The simple yet powerful solution for remote campus transactions

On-The-Go is a mobile application that sits on the vendors phone. This can display bus trips, events and items for sale when there is a mobile connection available to the campus network.

Payment can be made by connection to the vendors phone via a campus card, users phone or other campus identifiers. On-The-Go is perfect for smaller everyday exchanges, so students or other users no longer have to worry about carrying around cash.


These exchanges could be:

  • Charging for bus trips, with support for multiple zones
  • Charging for fundraising activities, such as sausage sizzles
  • Monitoring attendance at events or classes
  • Charging for events or activities, such as sports or social events.

Benefits for the facility:

  • Provides a cash free way to charge for simple items
  • Removes the requirement to product paper based ticketing systems
  • Transactions occur quickly to process as many people as quickly as possible
  • Gives the ability to be flexible about requiring payment up front
  • Provides an additional level of security with the picture of the customer being able to be displayed on the unit
  • Accepts a range of different authentication options including barcode, Mifare, mag stripe and QR code on phone
  • Can be easily self administered to add and remove items and prices
  • Works on a low cost hardware platform to reduce capital expenditure

Benefits for the customer:

  • Provides a convenient payment method
  • When configured as such, no child needs to be left on the side of the road if they have insufficient funds. They simply pay later.
  • Older siblings can pay for their younger siblings rides or items
  • Their account can be topped up on line and can be configured to automatically top up from a credit or debit card