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A self-service reservation and management solution for facilities, rooms and assets.

My Reservation allows users to reserve public and commercial access facilities, rooms and assets within an organisation.

Facilities, room and asset management with My Reservation provide users with the ability to reserve facilities, rooms and assets such as meeting rooms in a library, community halls in a council or sports fields in a sports organisation. Assets may include TVs, DVD players, tables, chairs or sports equipment. Multiple assets can be booked within the one booking through My Reservation. Users have the option book either just a facility or asset or both.

The booking of facilities, rooms and assets can provide another form of revenue for organisations. Using My Reservation, organisations can ask their users for a deposit at the time of booking for all facilities, rooms and assets. The balance can then be paid on collection or on arrival.

My Reservation provides multiple types of booking options that can be initiated locally or online. Users have the option to make four different types of reservation:

  • On Demand Booking - at the reservation station the user initiates a reservation for the next available facility, room or asset required
  • Queue Reservations - when all the facilities, rooms or assets are in use and the user is willing to wait for when they become available
  • Future Reservations - allows a user to initiate a reservation to use a facility, room or asset at a later date and time
  • Block Booking - allows multiple facilities, rooms and assets to be booked at a later date and time for a group of users. This type of booking cannot be done online and must be done via the sites administrator

The My Reservation system consists of four separate components:

  • My Reservation Administrator - Used by admin staff to access the system configuration and user account information
  • My Reservation Booking Station - Used by members of the public within the site to create and mange their own bookings
  • My Reservation Online Booking - A web based version of the booking station which allows users to create and manage their own bookings
  • My Reservation Monitor - Displays queuing information (where in the queue they are) to the users