Close support

Calculates the cost of phone calls and charges to department or client codes.

  • Operates seamlessly behind PABX and VolP to allocate charges
  • Shows users the cost of calls
  • Staff can add notes to client numbers
  • Works as a crib for doing time sheets
  • Applies differing rates and markup
  • Pop up can be activated at a set threshold for call cost
  • Adds other disbursements such as fax, mail or courier.

Telecommunications is a major contributor to overheads in a professional environment. It is now the third largest category of office cost, after salaries and rent, and it keeps growing as a proportion of business expenses.

MonTel offers a powerful telephone accounting system for collecting revenue from calls. Staff can make informed decisions on the cost of calls, based on real costs, opting for internet or landline, rather than cellphone calls.

Administrators also have full reporting on usage and cost for budgeting and supplier contracting.