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Monitor Web Print allow users to print jobs from their own internet-enabled device from any location.

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Monitor Web Print is a user friendly web application that allows the user to print jobs from their internet-enabled device such as a laptop, smartphone, iPad or tablet. Monitor Web Print is part of the Supervisor Net suite of products and is included with the new release of Monitor Print to provide organisations with an entirely seamless print management solution.

Users have the ability to save their favourite locations and print devices for future use. Locations can be used in a variety of ways, whether it is a school or university with multiple campuses, libraries or student centres, a library with multiple levels, a law firm or accountancy firm with multiple offices, levels or departments, or hotels with guests printing to the business centre and charging their hotel account.

Users can not only submit a print job to a selected print device, but can also see all their current jobs as well as view their recent transactions. The application provides secure authentication for users when logging in, ensuring that users see only their print jobs. Once logged in, users have the ability to print documents in a wide range of formats including Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel & Power point). The formats available require no additional installation, which saves money on the purchasing and installation of third party applications. Users can also print webpages and emails, whether it is the body of the email or an attachment.

Supervisor Net will maintain all the user's account details and will charge the users as appropriate for each job processed. Administrators will also have the flexibility to add or remove print devices, sites or locations.

Some of the key features of Monitor Web Print include:

  • Users can send print jobs from any location to a secure system
  • Organisations are not required to install Microsoft Office on a server for users to print their documents
  • Individual users do not need to purchase Microsoft Office or a Client Access Licence to print documents from their wireless device
  • Users have secure authentication to log into Monitor Web Print
  • Users can create their own User ID (this is chosen by the user at the time of logging in) to access Web Print
  • Users can set the attributes of their job before they print; One-Sided or Two-Sided and the number of copies they wish to print
  • Users only see their print jobs and can print directly through the Monitor Web Print interface or they can send their jobs to a Print Release Station
  • Users see the costs of their print jobs before releasing to a print device
  • Users can be prompted for a Department Code or Cost Code before printing
  • Administrators have the flexibility to add or remove print devices, sites or locations
  • Users with My Monitor access can add value to their account with a seamless link from Monitor Web Print to My Monitor
  • Monitor Web Print supports Apple products such as iPhones, iPads and Macs

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