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Monitor Print enforces rules flexibly to manage and charge printing.

The software reviews each print job according to criteria -

  • number of pages
  • copies
  • job price
  • file size
  • paper size
  • graphics
  • colour
  • sensitive phrases (for confidential printing)
  • device status
  • time
  • type of user

Enforce rules or pricing to encourage efficiency

Monitor Print takes a range of actions determined by print policies - such as automatically re-routing the job to a more efficient printer.

Users can be informed by a pop-up on their PC if their job is re-routed or deleted because of print restrictions.

They can also be notified of the print job details prior to print - such as page count, colour or black and white and duplex or simplex.

The cost of the job is displayed and they are asked to confirm they really want what they requested.

Organisations have full and accurate insight about the cost of printing and the use of devices.

Easy to set and administer from one console

Monitor Print is highly scalable and is easy to install and operate in a multi server environment. It doesn't need Windows or network permissions, so jobs can simply be sent to different printer servers.

All print queues for servers are on one console for easy administration, deletion, and moving of jobs between print queues. There is one user interface - so easy configuration, user management and queue management.

Our o ff-line support can keep printing and tracking, even if access to transaction management data is offline, or can hold jobs.

Track quota - for budgeting or free print for students

Monitor Print can assigns user quota and then limit quota spend to black and white printing. Accurate data is collected for each document - accurate charging. Tracks each impression, each sheet and its details (colour or black and white) for transparent charging.

When there's insufficient funds in an account, students are able to use a web application, My Monitor, to transfer credit into the account.  A university can choose to allow students or staff to go into negative balance for printing.