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Prepay for goods or services at a Monitor kiosk, stand-alone touchscreen or PC, using a Monitor account.

miniPOS Video

miniPOS is Monitor's self-service point of sale solution. miniPOS allows users to purchase items using their Monitor account. Used on a touchscreen, PC or Monitor kiosk, miniPOS is ideal for environments such as a school, tertiary institution, public libraries and hospitals amongst others.

Key benefits include

  • Products and services can be specific to each miniPOS kiosk and changed easily
  • Users can elect to have a printed receipt or a receipt emailed
  • Patients can order and charge pay-TV, internet or snacks without cash.
  • Students can pay for course materials such as specialist photocopying with the order emailed to the copy technician.

The miniPOS user can purchase from a menu of items on a PC touch screen at any time, using a student, library or hospital ID card.

The miniPOS emails the vendor notifying payment and the details of the order. Purchases are then collected or delivered.

Our self-service miniPOS kiosks free up staff from having to be available to collect and reconcile payments.