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Controls access and charging for copying, printing, print release and point-of-sale transactions.

  • Control access to multiple services
  • Use existing cards to pay for print, copy or PC access
  • Increase security and convenience
  • Prompts for budget or client codes
  • Reduces waste with secure print release at each printer.

Staff members, students or library patrons can choose when and where they print, with a Monitor card terminal at a printer, copier or print release station.

They simply swipe a card or key in a PIN to release their job reducing the stacks of waste paper. By ensuring all print jobs are delivered securely to the user who has requested them, duplication and wastage is cut.

Staff can code job costs more accurately at the terminal, by keying in a client or budget code.

Our most popular terminal is also used with point of sale touchscreens for easy purchase of goods using campus, library or staff cards.