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Our Laundry Controller software manages up to 24 washers and/or dryers.

  • Full details of each transaction captured including cycle type - wash, a dry or a dry top-off,  the price paid and any discounts
  • Customised reporting on device usage and history
  • The software talks to the central account management software Supervisor Net to check on funds available
  • Customers can purchase a swipe card and add value to an account, from cash or credit cards at a reload device or on the internet
  • They swipe their card at the vending machine for washing powder, then again at the Controller to select a machine and cycle they wish to use
  • The controller displays which machines are 'In Use' and if so, the time remaining to complete the current cycle.

With the convenience of cards, users are likely to spend more on laundry services, as their funds available is likely to be more than the coins in their pockets.