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iPOS can charge purchases to ID, access or library card accounts for greater convenience.

iPOS Video

  • Manages stock levels, stock takes and adjustments
  • Invoices departments, parents or customers
  • Sales orders, quotations, invoicing and credit notes
  • Easily changed for new items or service, such as a one off payment
  • Calculates differing state or federal taxes
  • Photo identification allows for speed of transaction

iPOS is Monitor's Point of Sale solution that can be used across a number of organisations and users, in both wholesale and retail settings.

Payment can be made using cash or credit/debit cards as well as utilising a Monitor account. There are a multitude of authentication options including:

  • ID Card
  • ID number
  • Biometrics

For the education market, iPOS is ideal for any outlet that students or staff can purchase goods such as the canteen, uniform shop, stationery shop or art supplies shop. The added security capabilities that iPOS has, such as photo identification and PIN protection, allows a school or university to not only ensure that the user is the correct person but provides speed of transaction to increase productivity.

iPOS is perfect for any retail environment with complete stock management, stocktaking options, gift voucher  management etc.

The fully featured cash registers in cafeteria can charge staff cards for lunches, deducting employee subsidies.

iPOS is integrated with our central account management software, Supervisor Net, to check account balances and track spending.

iPOS supports the following

  • Integration to 3rd party applications
  • Table number support - ideal for restaurants and kitchens
  • Kitchen printing option - print dockets to various printers throughout a kitchen or restaurant
  • Integration to touchscreen order management system (add on module)
  • Integrated label printing support
  • Supports sizes & colours for clothing such as a uniform shop or retail store
  • Handheld stocktaking solution option
  • Gift voucher management
  • Integration with 'Forward Orders' order management module (this is an add on product)
  • Supports incentive schemes for buy a certain amount of product get one free
  • PINpad integration provides extra security
  • Supports suffixed accounts related to specific tender key
  • Supports spend limits
  • Supports biometric fingerprint readers