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Connects any type of card reader to embedded MFPs

  • Connects card readers with embedded MFPs, eliminating the need for expensive proprietary readers for each device
  • Can use standard and some non standard cards to identify users
  • Provides secure and confidential print release
  • Reduces waste as print jobs are released into owners' hands
  • Users can choose the MFP of their choice with a swipe of their card.

The IDPort is a revoluntary card reader interface that allows organisations to identify users and track and charge activity on embedded multifunction printers or devices - MFPs or MFDs.

As embedded MFPs become the leading print device, organisations need a simple way to read ID and access cards to release printing.

Monitor's IDPort eliminates the need for expensive proprietary card readers for each device, by allowing a wide variety of identification devices to be easily used with embedded MFPs.