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Self service options so library fees, fines and charges can be paid in private.

  • Use library cards or EFTPOS to pay fees or fines when taking out items at 3M self-check kiosks
  • The kiosk can redirect the borrower to the circulation desk if he or she has an overdue amount
  • Librarians can also debit a user's account at the desk
  • Patrons can also use My Monitor online to pay fees and fines at a library or home PC
  • Linking to the library system, the user can see all the amounts owing.

Transferring funds onto secure library card accounts to pay for services is easy. Patrons can go online, or add value from coins, cash and bank cards at our reload kiosks.

With funds accessed with their cards, patrons can pay all library charges at the 3M kiosk or online.

When paying online, My Monitor opens up a credit card option for users if they have insufficient funds in their account, so they can top-up while paying fines.

Users can also create and email statements of activity costs from the library such as printing, copying and PC access.

Fees and Fines on My Monitor