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Interactive Kiosk to add value using cash and card, as well as a casual ticket dispenser

Our AL7000 Interactive Kiosk gives users flexibility to perform a variety of different tasks at the one station. The kiosk is part of a family of products that work together to create a cashless environment, for copy and print control, PC access, fines and fees payment, point-of-sale or vending.

The kiosk also has the ability to allow a user to add value to an account for any of these services.

Users are able to buy services without any staff involvement. Automatic centralised cash collection of funds encourages utilisation of multiple services by users, reducing overhead and maintenance costs. Locally dispensed cards or tickets can be printed with instructions or advertising to generate a revenue stream.

The kiosk runs our powerful Supervisor Express application which provides a customisable user interface and graphics for seamless branding. If preferable, the kiosk also has the ability to run other applications.