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Our Reseller Model

We offer our products and solutions for sale directly, through our branches in Australia and New Zealand or through approved resellers in the UK, USA, Canada and Europe.

Our resellers are industry experts in transaction management and cost recovery who can advise on the best solution for your needs. They also provide on-the-ground support for installation or further development.

Our hardware is sold outright or sometimes with finance arranged by our resellers, for a lease or lease-to-buy arrangement.

Please contact either Monitor directly or our resellers for pricing.

Our Software Pricing Model

We pride ourselves on our affordable, modular solutions, to which you can easily add on new functions.

For an annual licence fee, paid for a minimum of three years and then for each year after, our core Supervisor Net software can manage transactions from print and copy to point of sale, vending, laundry or parking.

This yearly fee includes free upgrades so you can keep our software products up-to-date without cost.

Our print management software Monitor Print is included within our core transaction management software - Supervisor Net.

We differ from our competitors in that we charge a licence for Monitor Print for each print device or print server.  This is an easily understood, definable number which gives you certainty about cost.