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When looking for a cost recovery solution, Return on Investment is an important consideration for all organisations.

Using Monitor's Savings Calculator, your organisation will see the possible savings that Monitor's print management solution can offer. The savings that you will receive using a Monitor solution are direct savings to the organisation. How your organisation manages their print policies will determine the level of savings that could be expected.

The Monitor Savings Calculator is a simple and easy to use application that emphasises the savings your organisation will make when using Monitor's print management solution and also the reduction of your environmental impact. Enter your organisation's details below and find out how much you can save using Monitor's print management solution.

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Total savings over 5 years$0

Initial payback time with MonitorUnder 3 months * based on a print solution including Supervisor Net, Monitor Print, Supervisor Insight, Supervisor Export, Web Administrator Essentials

Environmental Savings

Trees Saved (1 tree is approx 80,500 A4 or letter sheets)

Carbon Dioxide Saved (1 page saves 4.5g C02)

Energy Saved (equivalent to running a 60W lightbulb)

Disclaimer: Monitor holds no guarantee that the savings estimate provided is an accurate indication of the savings that your organisation will make. The savings displayed is based on best practices of responsible printing and through employing strict print rules to decrease the costs associated with print and copy. The estimate provided is based on using Monitor's print management solution only and no other 3rd party or proprietary tools or systems.