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Protection of our planet is a very important aspect of Monitor's core values.  For the future generations that are relying on us to do the right thing, Monitor believe that we should all be working together in a more efficient and sustainable way.


Monitor is fortunate to be in an industry which can contribute so effectively to the reduction of toxic resources and the over-exploitation of natural resources.  Reducing the production of all print resources is extremely beneficial both globally and at an institutional level.  On average Monitor's print management solution can reduce the consumption of print resources by 20%, and in some cases even more!  This means that your organisation is making a massive difference on reducing the consumption of natural resources in the world.

Hints to reduce print costs include:

  • Create strict print policies for users to abide by
  • Ensure high volume printers are used for large documents and smaller printers are used for small print jobs
  • Ensure that an organisation's environmental policies are clearly displayed to all users
  • Reduce paper usage by scanning documents rather than copying
  • Delete unwanted jobs rather than printing them and throwing away the unwanted paper
  • Recycle used toner rather than purchasing new ones

Customised Print Rules

Monitor's Print Management solution encourages users to change their print habits, resulting in your organisation experiencing visible savings as well as environmental policies being adhered to, through a reduction of paper waste, toner use and on-going maintenance of print devices throughout your organisation.

Monitor Print's powerful rule engine will allow your organisation to create customised rules for users to adhere to, such as default to black and white and double-sided printing, by intelligently managing print queues.

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Use of high volume printers

Enforce users to redirect their print jobs to the most appropriate print device. The Follow Me print application allows your organisation to reduce costs, increase efficiency and security as well as the ability to apply environmental policies. Using Follow Me print, staff can redirect print jobs to a more appropriate print device, such as large print jobs being redirected to a high volume print device whereas smaller jobs can be released to small desktop printers. Follow Me print also reduces the possibility of confidential documents ending up in the wrong hands with jobs not being sent to the print device until the user is ready to collect the job.

Display your environmental messages to users

With Monitor's Print Client application, your organisation can control its print and copy costs as well as enforcing environmental policies. The Print Client application provides a 'Pop-Up' for each user when they send a print job to the MFP. Your organisation has the power to configure the Pop-Up with key environmental messages or to enter departmental codes or cost codes for each print job for budgeting or reporting purposes.

Scan rather than copy

Reduce the amount of paper that is used by photocopying through encouraging your users to scan jobs to an email account, USB storage device or a central storage location. By scanning documents to a preferred source, users will have the power to send their documents electronically to any relevant parties and will also be able to securely save a copy of the document rather than relying on a paper copy.

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Secure Release - delete unwanted jobs

Monitor's Print Release software ensures your organisation can apply its environmental policies as well as enhancing print security. Using Print Release software, users printing confidential documents can be guaranteed that the document will not end up in the wrong hands. With your organisation using Print Release, your users will be able to delete unwanted jobs which will reduce the amount of paper waste through poor print management.

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Monitor Paper usage

Scrutinize paper wastage; manage print costs and environmental policies with Monitor's extensive reporting suite including Supervisor Export and Supervisor Insight. With Supervisor Export, organisations can create customised reports including a comprehensive collection of graphs and charts and have them sent to specified email addresses at a time that suits.

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Monitor has a range of products to help organisations reduce their carbon footprint. For more information on these products, see the related products section below.