Close support

The University of Melbourne will be deploying Monitor's print and laundry solution for their student village.

Monitor will be delivering a fully hosted PCI DSS compliant server infrastructure platform for the University of Melbourne Student Village who will be utilising the Monitor online micropayments platform for the unattended cash free payment for all laundry & printing services. The student village will accommodate 650 residents.

The monitor cash free laundry solution delivers the following key services to the students:

  • Provides a self-service cash free payment mechanism for the payment of all laundry services providing access to 36 laundry machines
  • Utilises the students' room key-card for cash free payment ensuring only a single card is required across the village
  • Allows students to reload their account using a Monitor reload kiosk supporting debit & credit cards or their smartphones using their credit cards
  • Allows students to view the status of all the laundry machines from the convenience of their own smartphone at anytime from anywhere so a visit to the laundry is made only when machines are free
  • Students receive an email alert when their laundry is about complete and ready to be collected. This ensures the next student does not have to wait for the machine to be emptied
  • Students can use the same funds to pay for printing, scanning & photocopying using monitor's embedded application where they can submit print jobs from their personal devices & release them using their room key-card or smartphone
  • The monitor system also supports the ability for students to activate the kiosk or laundry machines directly simply by scanning their phone at the QR code printed on each laundry machine - an alternative to their room key-card


The hosted infrastructure runs on solid state drives, offers dedicated RAM and high availability clusters to run the monitor server applications and web services in a secure Australian based commercial data centre

Network redundancy includes feeds from Telstra, Primus, Sole TPG, NextGen, WAIX and PIPE. This ensures maximum network efficiency and minimal downtime if any routes are disrupted due to provider issues. The site therefore don't have to supply or maintain any server infrastructure.

All staff & operator access to the system are delivered by web portals alleviating the need for any applications to be locally installed. Financial reports are delivered via automated emails or can be ruin at any time through monitor's insight web reporting portal.