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We are pleased to announce the release of version 8.0.12 of the Supervisor Net suite of products.

A large change has been made to Monitor Online Ordering, enabling customers to check out once for purchases in multiple shops. If a single check out is not possible (due to shops belonging to different business units, and the money being settled into different bank accounts), the user is guided through the process by being directed back to Online Ordering to complete their payments.

Check out this short (3 min) video on this new process:

An additional feature added to Monitor Online Ordering is the ability to advertise an item for sale for a set period of time. Once the time has expired, the item is automatically withdrawn from sale (or optionally deleted completely) and a set of reports sent to an administrator. Here is another (even shorter) video explaining the setting up of this system:

There have been a few other important features added to Supervisor Net:

  • My Monitor user accounts are disabled or deleted when Supervisor Net accounts are disabled or deleted. This prevents user statements continuing to be sent once a user has left a site
  • A time period can now be configured for when to delete Supervisor Net accounts that have reached their expiry date. This is ideal for casual tickets in public libraries or students leaving school. Any balance on their accounts is removed and a transaction written, so that this money can be removed from the site's liability ledger
  • EMF and XPS format jobs are now able to be moved and copied between queues as part of a rule

Please note that this version of Supervisor Net must be used in conjunction with My Monitor 8.0.12. Please take the time to also upgrade the My Monitor PHP package.

If would like the complete list of changes or more information please contact your local monitor reseller!