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Monitor are pleased to announce the release of Supervisor "Express" version 3.5.7

Supervisor Express 3.5.7 has officially been released! Supervisor Express is Monitor's reload kiosk software, which now has some amazing new features to provide organisations with a multi-function kiosk.

This new version will have the following new features:

For the administrator

· The transaction reference number on the receipts is now written to the Transaction Group field in the RTETable. This makes viewing the reference number easy, as this field can be viewed in the transaction viewer in Supervisor Net. It is recommended to use Supervisor Net 8.0.11 or above for this feature

· Pricing models can now be defined for the library fee payment methods, for example cash, eftpos or monitor card account. This allows for improved reconciliation reporting.

· An option has been added to remove the Monitor checksum from a card number prior to validation. Monitor checksums occur on cards beginning with 6005999 and appear after the = character in the card number

· A second serial port option has been added so that two serial devices can be connected to Express at the same time

For the User

· A new function has been added to enable a user to transfer their balance from one account to another and the old account is then deleted

· If only one function is enabled, Express will skip the main screen and go straight to the single function. This feature is also useful for situations where Express is loaded on a tablet and being used as a balance check station only

· The updated Express will now display a busy message when a user swipes a card. This is useful in situations where the user's account is held in an external system and it takes a while to return an answer

· Previously, when paying school fees on the kiosk, Express would use the pricing model 'School Fees'. It will now use the pricing model defined in the school system settings in Supervisor Administrator

· A user's Primary ID can now be referenced on the refund receipt

· An option has been added to select all fees and fines for payment by default


For any further information regarding the Supervisor Express 3.5.7 contact your local monitor reseller!