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Monitor are pleased to announce the release of Supervisor Express version 3.5.0.

Supervisor Express 3.5.0 has officially been released. Supervisor Express is Monitor's reload kiosk software which now has some amazing new features to provide organisations with a multi function kiosk.

Using this new version, it is now possible to use Monitor kiosks in laundry facilities, with initial support for up to 24 laundry devices. This provides the user with a touch screen interface to activate the laundry devices and see their status.
Supported device types are:

  • Simple washing machines with a single cycle type
  • Complex washing machines with multiple cycle types, times and prices
  • Dryers
  • Top Offs for drying cycles

Payment can be made using cash, EFTPOS/credit card or a Monitor account. It is possible to install Supervisor Net on the same kiosk and fit it with EFTPOS facility, this provides a full turn-key solution for laundry facilities.

For more information on Monitor's cashfree and self-service laundry solution, please contact your local Monitor office or reseller.