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Student cards pay for course materials and day to day expenses on campus.

Monitor has introduced a full point of sale solution using ID or student cards, integrating with retail management software.

Students at Australia's Brookvale TAFE can now charge their ID cards for on-campus parking as well as purchase photocopying, movies and bottled water at the student union.

Monitor offers students a convenient and secure method of payment whilst providing the campus with a greater level of reporting and accountability than traditional cash registers.

Universities are also able to offer self-service point of sale in departments, so student cards can order and buy course materials, examinations or transcripts at a touchscreen.

An architecture or building science faculty could provide this mini-POS touchscreen for students to order specialized photocopying from large format printers, for instance. This reduces the need for staff to handle cash or stand at a till.

A student is able to swipe a student card, select from a menu of items provided by Supervisor Net, buy a service, and then the mini-POS terminal will email the service to notify payment. Receipts are also emailed to the student.

Parents funding students' study can set daily spending limits as well as see all purchases.