Close support

Mosman City Council deploy Monitor's People Counting Solution at their beach amenities facilities.

Monitor have delivered a fully hosted server infrastructure platform to Mosman City Council to utilise Monitor's People Counting Solution for keeping track of pedestratian traffic on the various harbour beaches amenities in the council's jurisdiction.

The council required real time people traffic statistics and for the solution to be fully hosted and wireless. Monitor have delivered the solution through the use of M2M 3G routers combined with a fully hosted cloud server.

The hosted infrastructure runs on solid state drives, offers dedicated RAM and high availability clusters to run the Monitor server applications and web services in a secure commercial data centre.

Network redundancy includes feeds from Telstra, Primus, Sole TPG, NextGen, WAIX and PIPE. This ensures maximum network efficiency and minimal downtime if any routes are disrupted due to provider issues. The council therefore don't have to supply or maintain any server or networking infrastructure.

All staff & operator access to the system are delivered by web portals alleviating the need for any applications to be locally installed.