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Monitor are pleased to announce the release of iPOS version 8.0.6

The latest version of iPOS, version 8.0.6, has been released. This version contains several new features and a few bug fixes for issues found in the field. 

A complete list of new features is as follows:

  • A warning dialog has been added that will appear if a stock item is sold with a stock level of zero or below. To allow stock to be sold like this, the global variable REQUIRESTOCKONHAND must be set to N
  • An option has been added to restrict staff from voiding an item from a sale. If the global variable RESTRICTVOIDITEM is set to Y, any user who is not the access level of 'Supervisor' will be prevented from using the void function and a dialog will be displayed asking for permission from a user with the Supervisor level permission
  • A date range indication has been added to the top of the 'Sales Item Report'. As this report is based upon a user selected range of iPOS shift reports, the date just indicates the date of the first and last shift reports chosen
  • An item description has been added to the 'Stock variance by reference report'
  • The ability to sort stock items by description when creating a purchase order has been added back into the product

The following change has also been made:

  • The 'Stock Audit Report' now reflects stock movements based upon the day that an item is received into stock rather than the date of the invoice.

For any further information regarding iPOS version 8.0.6 contact your local monitor reseller!