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A large co-educational boarding school in New Zealand adopts a cashfree school solution.

The Challenge

Wanganui Collegiate is a co-educational, year 9-13 school in Wanganui, New Zealand. The school provides students with both day and boarding options.

Konica Minolta New Zealand had installed an existing Monitor solution at Wanganui Collegiate that was linked to a third party application controlling their print and copy volume.

Wanganui Collegiate's aim was to reduce paper wastage through a follow me printing and also provide their students with the ability to bring their own devices (BYOD) to submit print jobs.

The school wanted more visibility on the meals that are ordered through their dining hall. To be able to track meals that have been paid for and to also create a seamless process in which students pay for and collect their meals. As well as improve the meal ordering process for their internal students, the school wanted to improve the process of meal ordering for visiting sports teams.

A key driver for the entire solution was a comprehensive range of customised reports that were automated and could be sent directly to the school accountant each month.

Parents have requested an online solution that restricted the amount spent by students on the phone cards that the school provided and control over other student costs. The parents also wanted the ability to add value to their children's accounts online.

With all the information received from Wanganui Collegiate, the team at Konica Minolta suggested moving to a complete Monitor solution, removing the third party print application and creating a cashfree environment. Working with Monitor, Wanganui Collegiate wishes became reality.

The Solution

  • Supervisor Net
  • Supervisor Reporting Suite with customised reports
  • 17 Konica Minolta Embedded Terminals
  • 6 x iPOS connections including FEC Mega POS terminals, receipt printers, cash drawers and integrated EFTPOS
  • 650 x Popup clients for both PC and Mac
  • 25 x Print devices (17 Konica Minolta MFPs and 8 desktop copiers)
  • Web Print
  • My Monitor
  • AL4000
  • 2 x MB206 terminals for dining room

The Result

The relationship between Monitor and Konica Minolta allowed Wanganui Collegiate to gain a Monitor solution that the school wanted to achieve and more! With the Monitor and Konica Minolta teams working together, the school managed to achieve a school environment that provided its students and staff with a more efficient and robust environment.

By using the school's student ID card as a form of payment, the school has become a cashfree and self-service environment. Monitor's Print Management Solution has given Wanganui Collegiate the ability to successfully manage student and staff print and copy. Through the use of Monitor's Embedded for Konica Minolta solution, the school have been able to provide the follow me printing solution they always wanted. Students and staff can now release print jobs at any print device on campus securely. With Monitor Print in place, the school have also been able to set strict print rules to alter the behaviour of their users and in-turn reduce their print costs and paper wastage.

With more and more students bringing their own device on campus, Monitor Web Print was a perfect fit to allow students and staff to submit their print jobs to the print queue, and then be able to release their job securely at any of the Konica Minolta devices on campus. This provided more flexibility for students who used their own device for their school work and the ability to print their work on campus.

To give the school more efficient control of their dining hall, Monitor has deployed their point of sale solution using MB206 terminals. This has allowed the dining hall to process student orders much quicker than their previous processes. iPOS, Monitor's full retail point of sale solution is also being used in the school shop. The school shop sells uniforms, stationery, phone cards etc. The students charge these items to their school shop account, which the school then sends the bill to the parents. The school gets this information from a customised report from Monitor's Supervisor Export reporting tool.

Monitor's web account management solution, My Monitor has provided parents with a complete online solution for managing their children's accounts. With My Monitor parents have the ability to add value to accounts, set spend limits for each account and also set up low balance reminders for each account. They also have the ability to view statements for the accounts and monitor what their children have been spending the money on. By using My Monitor, parents of the school have been able to restrict the amount spent on phone cards by their students through setting spent limits for this account.

To ensure that Wanganui Collegiate's key driver of comprehensive customised reports were met, Monitor worked closely with the school accountant to ascertain exactly the types of reports they wanted to receive and with this information, created reports using Supervisor Export. The reports created are emailed each month.

The Future

To provide visiting school teams and groups that require meals while on campus, Wanganui Collegiate are investigating installing Monitor's Shopping Basket application that will allow them to pre-order meals online. Once purchased, confirmation of the order and its details will be emailed to the dining room for preparation and also the visitor who placed the order.

An alternative to this may be using Monitor's miniPOS solution where the visiting team or group can place their order by selecting predetermined items and the number they require and charge them back to an account.

With our old retail system, End of Day processing used to take about ½ an hour, now it takes less than 2 minutes, including time for a coffee.

Rob Crawley, IT Manager