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A medium sized high school utilising the My Monitor web application.

The Challenge

  • To ensure that the use of the schools ID cards can access the purchasing of goods and services across the campus.
  • To provide a seamless cashfree solution for students, staff and parents.
  • With the school being in the lower third of deciles amongst NZ schools, Monitor had to work within the school's strict budgetary requirements as well as a solution for parents who do not generally have surplus funds.
  • To work together with the school's existing suppliers of internal systems i.e IT providers.
  • Improve the printing and photocopy service for students and staff on campus, making it easier, quicker and more secure to use.
  • The school wanted to track print/copy and stationery costs of their staff for each department.
  • Improve the process for the payment and collection of money for school trips and tickets.

The Solution

  • Supervisor Net
  • 16 MB20 Terminals
  • AL4000 autoloader
  • My Monitor with DPS payment gateway
  • miniPOS
  • 1 FEC Touchscreen

The Result

Monitor's cash free solution allowed for Waitakere College to use their students existing ID cards to pay for various items across campus. 16 MB20 terminals were installed, with 12 being connected to the school's MFD's for both student and staff use. The other 4 MB20 terminals are used in the stationery shop, uniform shop, administration office and in the school canteen.

My Monitor is available to all parents as a means to add value to their children's account via the internet. Parents using this application can configure their accounts with various levels of restriction which in turn gives parents the peace in mind of where their money is being spent.

Staff have been issued with their own ID cards which are linked to their departments. This helps the school to track items such as stationery and print/copy so the school can monitor departmental costs. Staff can also add value to their accounts via My Monitor to pay for goods at the canteen. This eliminated the amount of 'IOU's' that the staff had to pay the canteen.

For administration staff, the installation of Monitor's solution has eased a huge burden off their shoulders with less time counting cash and more time with the day to day running of the school's administration needs.

Waitakere College's existing process for students paying for school trips was for an envelope to be circulated around the classrooms, collecting money from the relevant students for that trip. To make the process more automated, Monitor have installed an FEC touchscreen terminal with miniPOS in the student centre. This will be used by students to pay for school trips and tickets such as ball tickets or school play tickets.

The Future

The solution at Waitakere College is always evolving. In the future, Monitor will be looking to implement a payment solution via My Monitor that allows parents to pay for school fees (donations) as well as school trips using the School Management System, MUSAC. This process will be an automated one to allow the seamless transition of data from one system to another.

Reporting is huge part of Waitakere College being able to monitor their costs. Monitor will be creating a report that allows for analysing of departmental spend which will be ideal for Head of Departments to control their annual budgets.

"We liked that all the functions of the school could be captured in the Monitor system."

Jeannie McLean, Business Manager