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We delivered a copy and print payment system to 42 University departments for a state university with five campuses across Natal.

The Challenge

  • A copy and print payment system across all 42 University departments, using the university's non-industry standard Track I magnetic swipe card.
  • Qwerty terminals so students could key in an account and pin number, if they had lost or left their swipe card behind. Staff members key in an account name as identification.
  • To provide 24 hour access to load swipe cards from notes, coins and credit cards
  • Demonstrating the concept to all 42 University departments, before the go ahead.
  • Secure print release using Konica Minolta's multi function printers throughout the library.
  • A trial phase with 1,700 first year students using their swipe cards for photocopying in the libraries.
  • Install in a live environment and create an interface between the university's Novell student database and PCounter as the print management agent.
  • Provide viable reload resources for students.

The Solution

  • 51 multi-function devices with Monitor qwerty terminals and eight kiosks.
  • 11 AL5000 Autoloaders.

The Result

Above all, the university has a stable print/copy solution and its IT department can concentrate on other work.

The installation has seen a huge reduction in waste paper and a jump in productivity. The old stacks of uncollected documents beside the printer have disappeared, as students can print all their work at a convenient time, using the secure print release function. Students can now release documents on a second printer with a swipe of a card, if the first printer is offline.

The university has been ecstatic with the success, as it has created a unique vibe on campus.

The Future

The second phase at the University of KwaZulu-Natal has begun, with card access to 112 printing and photocopying terminals for all 40,000 students as well as staff, across the five Natal sites. The third phase will include computer reservations.

"The fundamental reason we have been able to win the university deal was because of Monitor’s commitment and delivery expertise. Monitor is fantastic, very professional at getting things done, no matter what the problem or time it was in New Zealand."

Mohammed Vachiat, Konica Minolta SA