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Canberra’s second largest University operating a campus wide enterprise level print management solution for both students & staff.

The Challenge

Student system:

  • To increase the reliability, uptime and performance of the print process for students on campus
  • To ensure that students have a seamless and user friendly print experience
  • To provide reports that are easy to create, customise and run for relevant stakeholders

Staff system (MPS)

  • To enhance accuracy and granularity in cost allocation for all faculty and non faculty usage
  • To gather and report on data such as usage patterns, device suitability and capability matching
  • To help streamline services and mandate adherence to print policies

The Solution

Student solution

  • 13 Konica Minolta Open API embedded terminals
  • 1 MB20 terminal
  • 1 AL3100 Autoloader
  • 1 AL5000 Autoloader
  • Web Administrator Essentials
  • Supervisor Insight
  • Supervisor Export
  • Supervisor Import

Staff solution (MPS)

  • 59 Konica Minolta Open API embedded terminals
  • 10 MB20 terminals
  • Monitor Print
  • 200+ Print Queues
  • Web Administrator Essentials
  • Supervisor Insight
  • Supervisor Export
  • Supervisor Import

The Result

Since the installation of Monitor's print management solution including the Konica Minolta embedded application, both staff and student solutions have contributed to a reduction in paper waste and cost for the University. The new solution provides a consistent and user-friendly environment for both students and staff alike.

Service administrators benefit from the reduction in time and effort to reconcile the large amounts of small transactions created by printing. With the report templates created for the University, regular and exception reports are run promptly and without difficulty.

With the introduction of Monitor Print as the staff solution, the print policies that were in place have been enforced through the use of Monitor Print's rule builder. By adding the print rules to which the university users must adhere to, the university has not only seen a reduction in cost but also reduced paper and toner wastage.