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A private girls school with an eye to the future with Monitor.

The Challenge

  • For students to be charged for their printing and copying
  • Enhance the printing and copying service for both students and staff including the secure release of documents
  • To be able to track staff spend on print and copy by department and providing accurate reporting broken down by department and staff in each department
  • Ensure that the school's existing ID cards were being utilised
  • To provide a system where the solution can be expanded as the school's requirements change

The Solution

  • Supervisor Net
  • 7 MB20 terminals
  • Monitor Print
  • Popup for PCs and Mac

The Result

St Columba's College are using the school's student ID card as a form of payment and therefore have created a cash free and self-service environment for their students. Monitor's Print Management Solution has given St Columba's College the ability to successfully manage student print and copy.  Supervisor Net had been interfacing to a third party application for the management of the print solution but the school have since deployed Monitor Print to ensure their print policies were adhered to. With Monitor Print in place, the school have been able to set strict print rules to alter the behaviour of their users and in-turn reduce their print costs and paper wastage.

With the inclusion of the Print Popup for PCs and Mac, students are forced to enter their account IDs before submitting a print job. The print jobs are then held in the print queue before being released. St Columba's College are using the seven MB206 terminals throughout the school on print devices to help manage and control student printing and copying. The MB206 terminals can be used as print release stations which allows students to release their print jobs at any print device on campus.

The Future

St Columba's College are looking into adding many components to their Monitor solution in the near future.

To provide the means for students and parents to add value to their account without the need for any intervention from administration staff, the school are interested in adding My Monitor to their solution. My Monitor will provide both parents and their students with a means to conveniently add value to their accounts and also view statements, set low balance reminders and daily spend limits.

Monitor Web Print is also of interest to St Columba's College to better enhance their print management solution. With all year 9 students using personal laptops and all year 10 students using iPads in classes and at home, the use of both products will make the printing experience a much simpler process.

As well as enhancing their existing print management solution, St Columba's College are looking at installing Monitor's door access system. The door access system will use the existing ID cards for both staff and students to gain access to rooms and buildings across the school's campus. Staff and students will be granted different levels of access as determined by the school.

"The terminals have been operating faultlessly and the finance department are impressed with the reporting function, onward to the other print functions and door access."

Adam Tzemis, Network and Systems Manager


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