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One of the world’s leading tropical and environmental institutions using Monitor’s laundry solution in the residential halls.

The Challenge

  • To remove dependence on coin operated laundry facilities due to their inherent problems, such as:
    • Manual handling of coin; collecting, counting and banking, which is time consuming and imposes workplace health and safety risks
    • Access to correct change
    • Theft, vandalism and downtime due to jammed coin trays
  • To be able to change laundry operating prices with ease
  • To integrate with existing account and smart card systems
  • To address rising maintenance costs and downtime due to faulty, aging equipment

The Solution

  • 5 Laundry Controllers operating approximately 50 new devices
  • Integration with StarRez
  • Installed in cooperation with RGE Electrical

The Result

  • The University is now operating 5 cashless laundries across 3 residential halls.
  • Staff don't need to collect and reconcile coin.
  • Students have access to new and reliable laundry facilities.
  • Supervisor Net provides detailed usage reports for better asset management.
  • The laundry solution is integrated with the existing third party accounts, which is simpler for staff and students alike.

“The laundry solution is working really well. Revenue is up, coin handling issues elimated, and we’re quite impressed with the reporting. Most impressive however, has been Monitor’s professionalism and dedicated customer service. They were most helpful throughout the implementation.”

Fallon Batchelder, Admin Systems Coordinator