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The complete Monitor library solution operating in the heart of New Zealand.

The Challenge

Horowhenua District Council and the Te Horowhenua Trust have recently opened a new Cultural and Community Centre, incorporating Levin Library, called Te Takeretanga o Kura-hau-po. Te Takere is a multi-purpose centre that provides patrons and the wider community with not only access to library services but a place for businesses, organisations, and the community to meet, engage and develop. Te Takere is a learning environment, providing resources, facilities and programmes which support all sectors of the community to acquire leisure, work and academic skills by enabling access to the digital world. Technology is an integrated key service, experience and enabler for the delivery of Te Takere's vision.

Some of the key issues that Horowhenua District Council wanted to deliver are:

  • To create a user friendly experience and one that provided multiple self-service facilities
  • Patrons and casual users needed the ability to bring their own device on site
  • The ability for patrons to reserve computers, meeting rooms and equipment online, either on site or from home
  • For patrons to be able to add value to their library account both online and at a self-service kiosk
  • For patrons to pay for fees and fines online and at a self-service kiosk
  • For users to pay for tickets and other council expenses using their library account
  • For both patrons and casual users to pay for printing, copying and scanning

The Solution

  • Supervisor Net
  • Supervisor Reporting Suite with customised reports
  • Monitor Print
  • Monitor Web Print
  • Konica Minolta Embedded Terminals
  • 6 x 3M SelfCheckTM fees and fines connections
  • My Reservation for PC, facilities and asset booking and management
  • 5 x iPOS connections including FEC Mega POS terminals, receipt printers, cash drawers and integrated EFTPOS
  • My Monitor with DPS payment gateway and integration to Koha LMS for fees and fines
  • AL7000 Interactive Kiosk

The Result

Monitor worked alongside Konica Minolta to provide Horowhenua District Council with a solution that will cater to their needs for not only their staff but patrons as well. The vision that the new Te Takere centre had was one that Konica Minolta and Monitor wanted to be a part of and were delighted to have the chance to provide a solution that is believed to be a world first.

Te Takere is the first site to pilot Monitor's My Reservation system. My Reservation is a booking and management system designed to control the use and allocation of public access computers, meeting rooms and equipment. Monitor is working closely with the team at Te Takere and Horowhenua District Council to ensure that the system is robust, secure and delivers an excellent customer experience.

My Monitor has been installed to provide patrons with the ability to add value to their Monitor account, view their statements, set spend limits and also receive low balance notifications. Monitor also did some development work to ensure that there is integration to the Koha LMS, Te Takere's library management system. This integration provides patrons with the ability to also pay their fees and fines online via My Monitor.

Another option for patrons to pay fees and fines is via Te Takere's 3M SelfCheckTM Stations. Using Monitor's fees and fines for 3M, patrons can authenticate themselves at the SelfCheckTM Station and opt to pay their fees and fines using their Monitor account or EFTPOS.

To manage Te Takere's print, copy and scanning requirements a Monitor print management solution has been deployed. This includes Monitor's embedded solution for Konica Minolta which tracks print, copy and scanning. Also part of the print solution was the utilisation of Monitor Web Print to allow patrons and casual users to bring their own device on site and submit print jobs. This meant that users had more flexibility when it came to using their own device rather than having to rely on the public access computers.

Onsite, users can add value to their Monitor account by accessing the AL7000 Interactive Kiosk. Here patrons can login using their library card, add value to their account, check their balance and calculate the cost of print and copy jobs. Casual users have the ability to purchase visitor tickets that allow them to pay for goods and services throughout the centre without being a member of the library.

Te Takere has also implemented Monitor's Point of Sale solution, iPOS. This has enabled Te Takere to deliver efficient handling of all transactions, including services delivered by the Visitor Information Centre for the purchase of bus tickets, ferry tickets and tourist attraction tickets. Customers are able to use their Monitor account, cash, EFTPOS or credit cards as a form of payment.

The Future

Use of Monitor iPOS solution to pay for other council services such as Rates and Water Billing payments, dog registrations, infringements, etc.

Integration to Horowhenua District Council's corporate financial system Authority.