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A large independent girls school operating Monitor's cashfree school solution.

Diocesan School for Girls is a private girls' school in Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand. It is consistently a top-achieving school   nationally. The school is Anglican-based and was established in 1903. Diocesan School for Girls is seen as one of the most prestigious schools in New Zealand with a reputation of producing high levels of academic, sporting and performing arts from their students.

The Challenge

  • Provide a web-based debit card solution to remove existing manual processes
  • Ensure that the solution can operate as expected on existing Fuji Xerox multi-function devices
  • For students to be charged for their printing/copying, stationery, uniforms, and other school relates expense through an integrated   solution that also keeps the administration overhead of such a solution to a minimum
  • Provide parents with a means to add value to their children's accounts over the internet as well as providing parents with the ability to see their daughter's transaction history and apply rules to their spending.
  • Allow students to submit print jobs to a selected print device from their internet-enabled device
  • Continue to provide and improve on existing copy/print management processes
  • Reduce time handling and reconciling cash
  • Provide a POS solution for their cafeteria which improved on existing processes and security whilst ensuring a high speed of transaction
  • Improving the experience for students, parents and staff whilst at school through a cashfree environment

The Solution

  • Supervisor Net
  • Monitor Print
  • Monitor Web Print
  • My Monitor including DPS payment gateway
  • 4 iPOS including touchscreens, receipt printers, cash drawers and PIN pads
  • 24 MB206 terminals for print and copy
  • 2 MB206 terminals for the school shop
  • 1 MB206 terminal for the art stationery shop
  • AL7000 account reload device

The Result

Diocesan School for Girls aim was to create a cashfree environment for their staff, students and parents. Through the school's arrangement with Fuji Xerox and their fleet of multi-function devices, Monitor's school solution provided the perfect platform for this to be put in place. The school's current methods for adding value to student accounts were a manual process and took time, involved parents, students and staff across several departments, as well as the exchange of money and paperwork. Using My Monitor, Diocesan have been able to improve their existing process with a much more automated one and provide their parents with the power to not only add value to their   children's accounts, but to monitor their child's spending. Students also have the ability to add value to their accounts on campus via Monitor's AL7000 Interactive Kiosk which provides the benefit of topping up the students account securely, in real time and without staff involvement.

Using the Fuji Xerox multi-function devices through the school, Monitor's print management solution has allowed not only students to pay for their printing and copying but for staff to also charge their costs back to their department. This  ensures that departmental budgets are adhered to and can be easily monitored with Monitor's extensive suite of reporting tools.

To provide a true cashfree environment for their students, Diocesan have also incorporated Monitor's point of sale solution which  allow the girls to pay for goods at the cafeteria, school shop and the art stationery shop using their ID card as a form of payment.

In summary the school has provided their staff, students and parents with the ability to acquire any purchase by using their school ID card.

The Future

Diocesan School for Girls are investigating how Monitor's Online Ordering solution can be integrated into the school's existing Monitor   solution and how the solution would be used throughout the school. With options to utilise Monitor Online Ordering for meals, stationery and uniforms, parents, students and staff will have a simple, integrated process inwhich to make forward orders for these goods and services.

Monitor’s support team are great to deal with and are always prompt to respond to any queries or issues we raise.

Craig Harrison, Information Systems Manager