Close support

Monitor is expert at creating seamless print and transaction management solutions.

Our software and hardware track and charge print and many other transactions - in universities, libraries, offices, hospitals and schools around the world.

We use card and other ID technology to simplify administration and reduce our clients' operational costs.  Using an identifier to charge activity makes life more convenient for you and for your customers.

You need our products to work with your systems end to end. Our team of engineers and developers design comprehensive solutions that integrate with your exisiting infrastructure.

Here's our list of world firsts -

  • First on-line account management (funds not stored on cards)
  • First Ethernet terminals
  • First student/Visa card system in Australasia
  • First interface for any type of card reader

Reliable hardware establishes reputation

Our robust, best-in-breed terminals, card readers and autoloaders are also highly sought after by global print management and card system companies.

We have many demanding sites in Australasia, North America, Europe, Asia and South Africa. These require us to continually develop new features for their changing requirements.

Whatever your ID card or identifier, or your printers or hardware - we can make our software and hardware work seamlessly with them.

Software leads industry in flexibility

Our software is particularly useful for automatically transferring data in the right format for reporting in accounting and management systems.

Administrators and CFOs appreciate accurate reporting, but also our can-do attitude  -  seen in our commitment during installation and also during our ongoing support and upgrades.

Can-do approach teamed with experience

Some of our engineers have been solving our clients' problems for nearly twenty years, having joined Monitor soon after it was founded in 1988.

These old hands work with our young software designers to integrate the latest technology into our solutions.

And we can resolve some issues when you are finished for the day. Our support offices in Australasia are 12 hours ahead of clients in the northern hemisphere.